Le Petit Four

The (Dream) Plan

For a long time now I have had a "thing" for baking. I'm not exaggerating when I say I think about it everyday and if it not for lack of money or need to spend time on other things, such as studying to earn money, I would happily spend my days baking, baking, baking.

Recently though I have not been content with sticking to the sweets and have been experimenting more with savoury dishes. Although my use of the oven has not really diminished as a lot of my experiments have been with tarts and quiches, so you see I have predictably still kept to the baking theme.
Reading my collection of cookbooks and searching through many a food blog this year has given me a taste for food blogging and just blogging in general. Not only blogging but also business. Seeing how many of you out there have your own businesses and are making money from things you love has really given me the urge to do that myself. 

What I really want is a tea shop. Somewhere that people can come back to time and time again because they know they will feel comfortable there and will always be welcomed with a friendly smile. Even people dropping in for the first time will not fail to feel at home. With a light and airy feel, yet filled with cute country style touches it will be a tea shop where one can dream, enjoy and indulge. 
There will be sweets to share, sweets on-the-go and sweets for just treating yourself: cranberry and white chocolate blondies, lemon and poppyseed muffins, buckwheat chocolate chip cookies, , the list goes on. Then each week I will have a special, something like an olive oil and rosemary cake using spelt flour, or orange and almond madeleines. 

What would this cute country garden/meets coastal cabin tea shop be called?
Why! Le Petit Four Bien sûr!
In this dream I would obviously have easily mastered the art of making a great coffee and my assortment of loose leaf teas would be endless.
It's not a lot to ask for is it? Just need to find a building, a business plan, an investor, staff, suppliers and customers. Piece of cake.