Too soon to be raving about the festive season??

Let's talk about Christmas!

I absolutely cannot wait for Christmas. Apologies for those of you who hate to think about it any sooner than the day before. I am certainly not one of those people. I start thinking about Christmas as soon as the weather starts to turn cold. So, for me in England that was in September!

I don't think about presents or things like that. I just start to think about what food I can eat on the day.

I recently dug out an old edition of Woman & Home Feel Good Food Christmas edition from 2011 and boy did it get my mouth watering. They had a brilliant sample menu for a traditional roast turkey and all the trimmings. I am really tempted.

As most of you will not know because I have not posted anything for a long while, I moved into my very first home with my fiancée in February. A little two bed cottage built in the 1850s, totally adorable. The other bit of news is I am expecting a little baby boy in March! So I could not be happier really.

Back to Christmas though, as it is our first Christmas in our new home we were thinking of going traditional, so like I said just before: turkey, trimmings the lot. Pigs in blankets of course ;-)

What I was wondering is if anybody has a quirky take on the traditional turkey roast dinner. So, maybe a surprising idea for stuffing ingredients or a special glaze for the turkey.... anything. I would love to hear some ideas to make this Christmas a really special one for Nick and I.

I hope every one is having a great autumn filled with reds, rusts and orchard fruit harvests galore.