Animals take over your life...but they are worth it

I have been extremely quiet since summer because of studying. Not to mention animals taking over my life. But I think you will excuse me once you see a picture of them...
Patch on her way home to meet his new mummy!

Patch and Pepper making friends

Waiting patiently
So...as you can see I had two VERY cute animals to take car of. But that does not mean I haven't had time to make cakes! No no, just means I haven't had time to take pictures of cakes.

I have made those brilliant brownies numerous times over the last months and sent one batch out to germany for my boyfriend and his friends to enjoy.
My friend has made me a beautiful box of whoopie pies which I wish I had taken a photo of because they were so pretty. Her creativeness was brilliant: she had wanted to make mint icing for half of them but could not find any peppermint flavouring so instead used trebor mints crushed up. I was a bit dubious when she said this was what she had done, but boy was I proven wrong. They tasted phenomenal!

This is a short post, I just wanted to check in and tell anyone who might be interested that I am still intent on succeeding at this blog but it just might be a couple more months until my graduation when that might be achieved more successfully.

Enjoy your nomnies everyone.

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girls night in I hear you say