Bananas and Burgers

I'm spending the weekend at my boyfriend's mums house and last night we decided to cook up a storm in the kitchen to give his mum a rest from cooking for us.
My boyfriend wanted to do something with fish so I suggested we do a salmon in papillote and set to looking through http://photograzing.seriouseats.com/ to find an inspirational recipe. What I did stumble upon was a total gem. It wasn't a recipe for fish en papillote, but for a salmon burger. When they say it's the best, they really mean it. The flavours were so well complemented and the salmon remained deliciously moist. Here's the link for the best salmon burger.
Dessert, of course, was my responsibility. So I gave my boyfriend the choice of three recipes and he chose the banana pudding one. I may have slightly helped his choice my saying, not entirely truthfully, that it was like a take on a banoffee pie. In fact it had nothing to do with a banoffee pie apart from the bananas, but it was a great pudding, and I was pleased I could get my hands on some real vanilla pods so didn't have to use essence because it really does make a difference to the taste. I made mine in little ramekins and they were the perfect size. Unfortunately we were too hungry to take photos of the burgers and then I was too keen to try the dessert to take photos of that! But the blogs that I found them on have lovely pictures anyway. Here's the link for a lovely banana pudding.
It's halloween tomorrow so what I really want to do instead of writing my essays is make lots of spooky treats. We'll see what I decide. Happy baking.

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