The start of a new term does not always mean the end of summer (weather)

I have been absent from my blogging duties for far too long. This time my excuse can't even be baking, because even though I have done a lot of that the only reason for my laziness with my blog is just that: LAZINESS.
Last week I started my final "fresher's week", as I have just embarked on my final year at University. So, technically now I should be busier than ever and the last thing I should be thinking about is blogging or baking. However, that is not the case. When I am in my lectures despite the fact that the subject does actually interest me (phonology for example) all I can think about is baking.
Yesterday I came straight home from my lecture and made cookie dough cups...a take on the American peanut butter cups but altered to make sure I kept my promise to my housemate Brogan of making something with cookie dough in. So, whilst on my way home from my lecture I looked up how to make a cookie dough without having to use raw eggs and found a brilliant mixture of cream cheese and condensed milk which worked wonders. I very much enjoyed the fiddly'ness' of coating the inside of mini muffin cases with chocolate and placing a ball of cookie dough inside and then adding the hat of chocolate on top. Going with the "cup" route I displayed them in little tea cups on saucers and had them ready to welcome my housemates back home in time to start our BBQ in the backyard to enjoy the Indian summer we are enjoying! It really is such lovely weather. Here's a picture of us in our little student backyard with my bunting taking center stage of decorations. (Little boast there).
I think to myself everyday how lucky I am to live with such lovely, gorgeous ladies :)
The other noteworthy bit of baking I did recently was as a huge thank you for my neighbours in Sheffield for giving me visitor parking permits for my car, as my permit has yet to appear. I would have had to pay £4 a day if they had not been kind enough to give me visitor passes. So I went home at the weekend and I made them a crumble slice with rye flour from one of my favourite cookbooks: Wholegrain Goodness.
Now I really must do my seminar preparations. I really hope I can get back into regular blogging posts. I definitely have lots more things I want to try out with my baking.