Breast Cancer Care Strawberry Tea Party: What a Success!

I don't think I could be happier with how the fundraiser went! I made a total of £200 pounds and over 40 people from the village and my friends came to share the cakes and chat. I think I counted that I made about 26 different types of cake, which aren't all shown in the photos because some were packaged up in little bags for people to buy and take home. My friend Natalie was brilliant and stood guard at the door to make sure everyone gave their £1 entry donation, so thank you to her. Emma made cucumber sandwiches which the male guests and those without a sweet tooth very much appreciated, as did I, and Hannah and her mum brought a tea loaf, thank you. 

The finished room

My helpers and I

petit four and earl grey tea cupcakes, which did not get enough credit because they tasted delicious but I think people were put off by the name.

This was a totally strawberry cake that my friend bought for £8 I think it was!

Me at the door

The guests

The villagers

Natalie my bodyguard ;)
The 1st prize in the raffle went to one of my neighbours who brought it up to her family birthday party and shared it with her neighbours.

The cheesecake counter (the marbled cheesecake brownies on the right were by far the most popular treat of the day).

Chocolate covered pretzels, petit four, carrot cake, pink lemonade bars, earl grey tea cupcakes. What a feast.

Tea loaves, blueberry and soured cream loaf, almond and orange loaf, raspberry trifle cupcakes (went down very quickly: good job I made two batches!), chocolate buttermilk cake, scones, vegan loaf, and strawberries OF COURSE.
I can not end this post without mentioning the biggest star in all of this. Hummingbird Bakery!
I bought their cookbook "cake days" and boy am I glad I did. Over half the recipes I used for this tea party were from their cookbook...especially aptly named "afternoon tea" section. I had never made any of the recipes before, so, you may think foolishly, I set out making them for the first time for my tea party. Lo and Behold! They all turned out perfectly, and I can only put that down to the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook recipes being second to none. I woud really love to go to their bakery, do they have one in London(?) and see first hand how they interpret their recipes and what their finished creations look like, hopefully mine were not too far off what they are actually supposed to look like!