Tea bags and lavender buds

British Lavender Field

Not only is lavender beautiful (as can be confirmed from looking at this fantastic photo above), it smells wonderful, can keep your clothes smelling fresh and can be the ultimate relaxation tool for either a long hot bath or under your pillow to sleep.
I cannot walk to my village shop without running my hands through the lavender outside no.12, down the road. What a delight it is to pick a few buds and treat your nose to the delicious fragrance.
Have I raved enough? Does everyone see where I am going with this? I think lavender rocks.
So, what could make it even better? Using it in food of course. A couple of months back I made an olive oil and rosemary cake and I loved the flavour combinations and the fact there was rosemary in it. Then today I wanted to make my mum my best brownies because Dad and I are leaving her in France for a week. Lavender was on my mind though, because ours smells and looks so good outside, and I could not drop the idea of using it in cooking. So I did what I always do and started googling recipes using lavender to see what others have done with it. Lo and behold I found a bundle of recipes: from cookies, to brownies; from shortbread to creme brulée's. Different flavour combinations: lavender and honey, lavender and tea, lavender and lemon.
Knowing that my brownies needed, really needed to have golden syrup in them I did not want to substitute that ingredient to incorporate honey into the flavour mix. So I picked tea, earl grey green tea to be exact.
Lunch was finished off today with a delicious square of sticky chocolate brownies with a subtle tea flavour running through and a backdrop of lavender that left our mouths feeling fresh can you believe. I am reluctant to include the recipe as of yet, so for now I will content myself and I hope you will also be content in knowing that lavender really does work well with chocolate. If anybody has any other flavour combinations using either lavender or other dried herbs to share then I would love to hear about them.

The Lavender in our French courtyard


  1. Hmmm...very interesting! Chocolate and Lavender...something to explore for sure! I love rosemary too...it's divine.

  2. Lavender and lemon or orange shortbreads are yummy. Never heard of putting lavender with chocolate - clearly something I'll have to try!