Sweet strawberries and a handful of raspberries for good measure

ready for freezing 

I realised something rather worrying the other day. I am having my strawberry tea party at the end of the British strawberry season. Late August is not exactly the prime time for beautiful strawberries is it. So, today, just incase there are no imported or British strawberries around at all in August, I have frozen some strawberries that I bought for a bargain at the Co-op...3 tubs for £5. Now if worse comes to worst I will at least have some strawberries of some description to adorn my strawberry tea buffet.
I must now decide on what I will be baking for it. Scones, of course! But what else? I could either go for the whole traditional theme and do victoria sponge and jam tarts etc. Or I could mix it up with some pink themed variations of things like blondies, spelt scones, strawberry covered pretzels, jam filled cupcakes, strawberry (cheese)cake pops...
And what to do about fundraising. Cake auction, raffle, selling goodie bags?
For someone who likes making lists and organising this sort of thing excites me very much!
Yesterday after stumbling across this blog: http://www.asweetroad.com/2011/06/how-to-make-1-cupcake.html I decided to make a cupcake for a friend I was going to see. I didn't quite stick to the recipe because the consistency did not seem quite right to me with the addition of so much milk. Here was the finished treat:
Purple Madness Cupcake

That's all for today. I'm off to come up with a menu for my tea party, but with it still being a month away my plan will probably change a fair few times from now until then, it can only get better though right?
Hope you all enjoy the weekend. Let's hope it's a sunny one :)

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