A rainy day: as good a day as any to embark on a new project

So, you've probably heard the story a thousand times before: Girl refuses that she will ever have a blog, in fact you could even go so far as to say she laughs in the face of blogs. Then due to her love of food and everything related she starts to read more and more blogs. Some good, some bad, some she will return to, and others that will be forgotten. One thing that will stick in her mind however is simply BLOGS.
Which is why I am embarking on this new project today. I have always enjoyed writing, sharing and creating. I hope to create something that will share my many adventures through cooking books and cooking blogs; to share stories of my everyday life; and make a few connections along the way with others who share my interests and dreams.
I still have a lot to learn about blogging, and if anyone reading has any tips I would love to hear them.
Now, I am going to get on with trying to figure out how to change the layout and appearance of my blog into something wonderful. Bisous.


  1. Nice idea, Alexa!
    I'm sure you'll enjoy sharing your dreams with people.

    Dalia xxx

  2. Welcome to the blog world...I'm a newbie too :) The only advice I can think of, is be yourself! It always comes through in writing and creativity and that makes your blog unique and interesting! Bonne Chance xo