It's been too long, my only excuse is cake.

I woke up this morning and all I could think about was how long it had been since I'd written a post. It's not even like I haven't been doing anything blog-worthy, quite the contrary! Not only have I been to a birthday tea party which had cake-a-plenty, but I have also been busy getting ahead on my baking for my fundraiser in August. The freezer is now full of bars, cookies and scones. In fact I was so enthusiastic with my baking and freezing one day that it took the freezer half a day to recover! All day it was flashing at me to say it was working overtime to keep the temperature down. Sorry freezer, please do not collapse on me now though.
So, let me tell you a bit more about this tea party, and show you some photos once I have uploaded them onto my computer. The first thing I would like to mention is my contribution to the party cakes. A beautiful three tiered sponge cake with pink buttercream icing. So pretty looking and I must say what a delight the icing was to taste. There was also a huge supply of scones, shortbread, chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows, macaroons, tea (of course!), victoria sponge cake and definitely worth a mention were the malteser brownies, what a treat that day was.
As if I hadn't got enough of a cake fill the following day I got a penchent to make an orange and olive oil cake. I think my thinking was that by making an olive oil cake with no hint of butter or chocolate in sight that I was somehow NOT baking a cake. However, this plan went completely wrong. Completely wrong, to the extent that I didn't actually make an orange an olive oil cake at all. In my cake-making excitement I starting measuring the ingredients from a different recipe which was on the opposite page of the book, and only once i had mixed in the butter did it dawn on me that I was making a big mistake and was actually following the recipe for a chocolate chip cake. Not at all the chocolate-free cake that I had envisaged. Now, I was not about to break my vow of not making anything with chocolate in. So, I proceeded to add flaked almonds and chopped apricots into the cake mixture instead of the pecans and chocolate chips that the recipe called for. My second problem was that the recipe I was now following was meant to be cooked in a loaf tin, which I do not have, so I put it into a round springform tin and subsequently reduced the cooking time by 20 minutes. What I was left with was a delightfully light and moist cake (thanks to the yoghurt in there) which I ate warm topped with some condensed milk I had going spare in the fridge. What a treat that was. Totally worth the mistake.
However, due to the resisting of chocolate I now really, really want to make some chocolate chip cookies. But I am fed up of making the same old recipe so I am looking to make something a little different, perhaps some orange and chocolate chip cookies seeing as I didn't use the orange the other day?

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