1848 Noir Subtil and feeding the birds

Today started off rainy again, but I was happy that it gave me an excuse to stay inside and work on my blog layout. My Dad showed me how to get my title picture right using graphic converter, and after moving a few things up and down and around and around I have settled on this layout (for the next 5 minutes or so it takes me to write this blog at least).
Last night, feeling in a very entrepreneurial mood I signed up for Google AdSense, and as you can see to the right of my blog page and to the bottom (I hope mentioning these don't break any terms and conditions clauses!) I am now advertising on my blog. I don't get a say on what is advertised...and I don't know how successful my blog will actually be for creating traffic to the sites advertised but at least I feel as though I am starting to make my way in cyberspace.
As I usually do in the morning I firstly went and checked on DailyMail for the latest celeb gossip and such. I know DailyMail isn't exactly the most intellectual of all newspapers out there and they do say some awful things on celebrities weight and relationships, however for an early morning read with your breakfast it serves to bring you up to date with the main news headlines and does bring up some interesting articles. Like the one I tweeted about this morning, where a girl has been creating art work using only her lips puckered up. Amazing!
After checking DailyMail my next stop is usually Photograzing on www.seriouseats.com. Today I was looking for inspiration for a meal containing prawns and strawberries, and I found it! So tonight, with the help of my mother who has requested to cook something with me, I will be making something similar to this artichoke and strawberry salad, substituting the tiger prawns for our smaller prawns we bought at the fish counter in Surgères yesterday...check it out http://thelunacafe.com/lemon-thyme-marinated-artichoke-tiger-prawn-strawberry-salad/.
I'll let you know how it goes later on.

This next mention is on behalf of my mother. Like many (French) women out there my mother loves to enjoy a couple of squares of chocolate after her midday meal. Nothing is better, to her taste, than a  rich dark chocolate that she can melt in her mouth and enjoy the aromas filling her senses. Today I would like to give a mention to the chocolate that is managing to achieve this (for the moment anyway). The prize goes to "Poulain 1848 noir dégustation noir subtil". If any of you have tried the Lindt Dark 70% bar then this is not far off that, I'm not sure at this time which I would say is the better one but once I have them both in front of me I won't be afraid of comparing, trust me!

The day after tomorrow I am flying back to the UK so will have to say goodbye to Migré, the sunflowers and the birds. The lovely little swallow-type-birds(?!) which today I fed breadcrumbs and leftover rice to in our courtyard. So sweet to watch the mother feeding her little ones so peacefully.
If only I could have gotten a picture to document that moment.
Hasta luego

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  1. The salad was a huge success. I will post the recipe, links and amateur photo I took of it soon. Isn't it amazing how you can combine strawberry with so many flavours...prawns and strawberries...who would have thought it?